Sunday, August 21, 2011

My baby is growin up!

So here are the stats...Em is almost 6 months...that's half a year gone like smoke! She is now 15lbs. 8oz. And is 25 1/4 inches! Its hard to believe how big she has gotten and just how much she can do! Not only does she scoot around backwards AND forwards, she got up on her knees yesterday and pushed herself forward! Its only a matter of a week and half or two and she will be crawling! Yes she is quick! And a couple days ago she sat up all on her own. We got her a walker about 5 weeks ago and her feet were about 1 1/2 inches from the floor, Tuesday I noticed they were touching and today, she is walking backwards in it! She waves all the time, "sings" along with music, imitates sounds, and gives hugs and kisses if you ask! And for the last couple weeks, when she is in the swing, she will rock back and forth to make it go faster...she will be my carnival rider for sure...probably the zipper at that! She is a talker just like her momma, auntie, and grandma too! Talkin up a storm as we speak! : ) I am so proud at how brave she is, getting her shots and yesterday her ears pierced...and only cried for about 20 seconds! What a champ...tough like her daddy! So this momma feels super blessed to have such a happy healthy and smiley baby...what a joy she has brought to our lives! Stay tuned for more adventures with the little miss!

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