Friday, July 1, 2011

Chubby Little Chipmunk Cheeks (Say that ten times fast...)!

This morning again I was not awakened by my husbands alarm but by Emalee's. However her timing is closer as she woke up hungry a mere 4 minutes before the alarm was set...for 4:45. She ate very little monkey...with both hands on the top and both feet on the bottom! Yes she truly does look like the cutest monkey ever when she wraps arms and legs around the bottle...guess she is making darn sure it doesn't get away! Lol Last night she played peek-a-boo with me and I have to say it was one of the cutest things ever! She had the blanket over one eye and as she peeked over at me she pulled the blanket away and blessed me with that incredible smile...before going into some long discussion with Pooh...about what I can only imagine as I don't speak Emalee...YET! And she had quite the conversation with Grandma Kelly of her most talkative days as of late! Just a few moments ago as I sat looking into her pretty little eyes and contemplating her chubby little chipmunk cheeks...she reached up with her tiny little hand and laid it on my face in the ultimate gesture of love...before devilishly pinching my cheek in the classic "awww look at those tute wittle chubby cheeks" way and I swear there was just enough of a twinkle there to tip me off that she knows exactly what she is doing! What a smart cookie! Right now right hand is firmly grasping that right foot and she is rubbing her eyes with the other as she struggles to stay awake so she doesn't miss a thing! So this mama is signing off to get some snuggles in...tune in later for more adventures!

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