Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The first 4th of July for my monkey!

So today was Emalee's first 4th of July and overall it was relatively uneventful. We slept in...enjoyed some cuddle time. Then Em watched a movie while mom made some more hair pretties and dad perfected his bracelet making skills...yes dad has joined in with fervor! About noon we loaded up the car and headed to my moms house to barbecue and visit and so I could hopefully get some work done. Facebook partially cooperated so I was able to upload a few new goodies and add prices and then it went all wonky again so I am hoping to have better luck tomorrow! For our outing Em spent some quality time with her Aunt Kaitlyn and enjoyed every second of the attention...my little DIVA already...oh boy! Uncle Mitch was nursing the effects of his hard earned 4th of July weekend of debauchery with the fellas...but managed to chat with the monkey for a bit! My hubby barbecued steak while I sliced fresh strawberries and made a stellar pasta salad...and we all ate and visited...it was great! my hubby was so intent on finishing the last bracelet that we left late...but managed to sneak into the perfect parking spot and grab a little spot perfect for the three of us just as the lights went off...talk about cutting it close! I was wondering what Emalee's reaction would be and if she would cry cause it scared her or stare in awe?! Turns out the first 10 minutes she was more interested in staring at me! Lol The next 5 minutes she spent alternating between looking at me and the fireworks but there were a couple that made her eyes light up! But the last 5 minutes...during the finale...was the best reaction! I was watching then glanced over just in time for her to squeeze her eyes shut and pretend to be asleep...then she smiled cause she knew I was looking! When she opened her eyes and looked at me she started to giggle and it made me laugh! We snick out before traffic got bad and came home. I put Em in her bouncer and was yuckling her feet and she was grinning her head off...it was adorable! Then here and there people around us started shooting off little fireworks and her reaction was great...she was laughing and excited and chattering at the top of her voice...more like what I had expected for the BIG fireworks! Then mom decided to have some strawberry cheesecake and of course it was mandatory that I share since she is officially an eater! Apparently she likes cheesecake...who knew?! But she got so excited...I have never seen her feet move that fast...she was almost frantic...it was hilarious...but then she started getting panicky because she discovered she was hungry! So out came the pears and she knew what was up...but with each bite she kept getting more and more frantic so mom decided it was bedtime and daddy out her down for the night with her bottle! Definitely a 4th to remember...wonder what the next one will be like?! Just want to say a big thank you to all those serving or who have served or been lost in the fight...you fight for what we are celebrating today...words cannot express the gratitude I and many others feel...thank you for protecting our FREEDOM! Happy Independence Day my friends and family! Stay tuned for more crazy antics from our jelly bean!

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