Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fevers and teething and Advil OH MY!

Oh my poor little monkey is not feeling well...teething is rough business! The pissy missy was runnin a fever so I gave her some baby Advil and a bottle and she appears to be feeling better...thank goodness cause I hate when she isn't happy! In other news my hubby was successful in convincing me to buy baby food for Em. We get home and he decides its time to try her first he hands me the jar and a spoon. Now let me explain that the miss has been intently watching us eat for weeks and gives us the look like "excuse me...where is mine?!" Last night she watched us eat Mexican and begged the whole time for us to give her some and she looked so disappointed when we were done and she hadn't even gotten a single bite! However this little miss is one smart cookie...I have said that before but she proved it once again. As soon as she saw the jar and the spoon she sat up and lucked her lips and I swear her eyes lit up! I have her a little bite and she did not spit it out...she did not cry...she ate it like a pro and LIKED it! Guess we should have done this awhile ago! Lol Needless to say she is ready for food! For now Em is watching a movie and papa is going to make some bracelets and I am going to make some more hair pretties! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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