Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holy sweet potatoes monkey is growin again!

Today when Emalee woke up she had her customary bottle before her morning nap. This morning I gave her 6 ounces thinking that should be sufficient. So I fed the monkey...she settled down but did not go to sleep for her nap. She was awake so we played and talked and laughed and was great! But a mere 45 minutes later she started fussin lookin at me with "the look" which says mom you better get ready cause I'm starvin! She had burped so I knew it wasn't that...and it wasn't her I checked her tummy and sure enough it was empty! And off I went to get another bottle. She downed it and finally settled in for her morning nap. She slept for about 3 hours which is pretty long for her morning nap...but I took the time to get a little more sleep myself, since I stayed up til 2 am working on new goodies for the store! So Emalee and I were all cozied those moments! <3 all of a sudden she awoke with a vengence...hungry again! So I gave her another bottle and she ate it so fast I hardly had time to blink! She was starting to seem like a bottomless pit...and little did I know it would continue ALL day! I think total count ended up being 9 bottles including the TWO it took to get her to settle down and go to bed. In between these bottles she managed to get a ton of the half she didn't spend eating was spent sleeping! Lol We had an awesome day...we played, chatted a few times, cuddled, watched movies, and played some more! At one point I went in to get something to drink and heard her chewin on her fingers...which has become commonplace these days since she is teething. In actuality, she will chew anything she can get her hands...or should I say her mouth on! Imagine my surprise when I walked back in and she had both her feet up to her mouth and was alternating between the two just smackin away...and only paused for a moment to grin at me (completely pleased with herself, of course)before resuming her teething was pretty cute I must say! She does a few other cute new things like giggling out loud...singing along with music...scooting herself all over the floor or bed during tummy time...and not to mention her newest multi-tasking feat...suckin on her binky while also smiling at me and growling! Super funny and hard not to laugh at cause its so cute, but it sure makes her mad when you laugh at her and she is trying to make a point! Last but not least my little monkey skipped cereal and went straight to pears! Yep...she knows what they are and has been watching us eat for weeks like "hello...where is mine?! Aren't you gonna share?!" so I suppose I should have caught on eh? She just finished off sweet potatoes...which she also likes and is ready to move on to bananas...hope they aren't as messy as sweet potatoes...SMH. She is such a wealth of personality that every day is a new adventure...which reminds me...stayed tuned for more of these adventures! This tired mama is hittin the hay early tonight!

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