Thursday, July 7, 2011

Open mouth...insert foot

So this morning as I was talking to my mom...I realized I could hear Emalee chewing on her hands...they work really well as a teether! But when I looked over I just had to laugh because unstead of her hands she had her foot in her mouth and was chewin away! I knew it was coming eventually, since she has been obsessed with her feet for a couple weeks now. But I just sat there laughing with my mom on the phone and when I told her why I was laughing...she incredulously asked "she has her foot in her mouth right now?!" I could only laugh and reply "yep...right now!" and so we were both laughing as she was just chompin away and babbling to herself softly. She still has a short attention span...evidenced this morning by our little impromptu "singing" session. I was clappin my hands and singin lala la lala lalala la lala and she was singin along mimicking me for about 2 minutes and then she got bored. But it was really cute to hear her singin along! Right now she is rubbing her eyes which means its naptime and daddy is napping I might want to get some work done while I have the chance! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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