Monday, July 18, 2011

Raspberries...and not your ordinary garden variety either

Emalee has a new thing...well several actually considering its been a while since I I really should say she has a new FAVORITE thing...blowing raspberries. Its one of the most adorable things I have seen yet...especially her own reaction! After she makes her little pbbbbbt...she grins and giggles to herself like "I am SO cute...and don't I know it!" And wouldn't ya know...she is! Down right adorable in fact! She is also now rolling from back to front and front to back and scoots herself all over the place! Yesterday she scooted down from her boppy and then rolled from back to front to back...then back to her tummy...completely raised herself up and grinned right at proud of herself...talked to me for a bit...then rolled back over scooted herself back over towards her boppy and grabbed her binky...before sighing and falling asleep! Cause it was hard work ya know!
The little miss turned 4 months officially on the 5th, but had her check-up on the 12th. She is 11 pounds 13 oz. Which is only 4 oz. more than her 2 month...but she is so active...always wiggling and moving I am not surprised she maintains a pretty steady weight...however, she is now 24 1/2 inches...which puts her just over the 2 foot mark and means she has gained a total of 3 inches since she was born! She is so long...even my husband noticed...and he normally doesn't really think about those kind of things. He remarked to me "oh my, the baby is really growing!" and held out his hands in a gesture of awe! I couldn't help but chuckle at this cause he just looked completely dumbfounded! 4 months also means her second set of shots. She took it like a champ...cried for maybe 15 seconds and then settled in all cozy and rested. She is such an even tempered and good natured baby...always smiling and its rare for her to be grumpy or mad...but she didn't feel well from the shots plus teething and being in the middle of an intense growth she was grumpy for a few days. So much so, that at one point Martine picked her up to give her kisses and she screamed at him...apparently she did not wish to be disturbed, no matter the reason! She is back to her usual happy self...but it was a touchy few days to say the least.
And boy is she a talker...chatters up a storm!
Momma has been busy creating pretties and in addition to the orofino farmers of this last Saturday is now doing the Kamiah farmers market! So every Tuesday from 3 to 6pm is the orofino market and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm is the market in Kamiah...which means we will be very busy indeed!
But for right now its morning nap stick around for more adventures!

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